Protein Foods

We always hear about proteins, but do we really know what they are, a simple way of knowing what proteins are and the consequent importance that proteins have for our body? protein-rich foods or foods rich in proteinsthe first thing we need to do is to do a little exercise in order to use our imaginative capacity, first of all to think of a molecule.

That in this case is very big because among its components are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, although the functioning of a macromolecule is much more complex, this is a simple way to explain what proteins are: macromolecules.

Proteins are very necessary for all the systems that work and make up our organism, they intervene in many more things than we think, would you be surprised to hear that proteins play an essential role in the production of gastric juices?

Did you know that proteins are basically involved in maintaining optimal hemoglobin levels? In addition, proteins, including in protein foodsare fundamental for the growth of cells, basic in the assimilation of vitamins, are key in the development of the body’s defenses through the immune system, and even in the assimilation of enzymes and hormonal adaptation, all of these processes are highlighted, are only some in which proteins have a fundamental influence.

How do I get protein for my body?

proteinas del organismo

The primary source of protein for our body is what we eat, through our daily diet is that we can provide our body with the amount of protein it needs. It is here that protein foods play a predominant role. We tend to think only of meat as a source of protein, but there is nothing further from the truth, nature has provided us with a wide range of food that we can use for our sustenance, and provide our bodies with the nutrients they demand while enjoying good health.

Protein foods.

Each food consists of many elements, including fats, carbohydrates, minerals, lipids, vitamins and proteins. A food can be considered high in protein depending on the percentage of protein it has per 100 grams.


Various analyses have been carried out on foods and the nutritional values of each one have been determined. Here are the main ones protein or protein foods that you can consider in your diet to meet your body’s protein requirements.

His Majesty the soybean.

Yes, believe it or not! Soy is the food with the highest percentage of protein per 100 grams. This legume provides 39 grams of pure protein of high quality, soy consumption is very important because of the wide use that can be given to this protein food par excellence as the main ingredient in many meals. Some calculations have even specified that consuming 1 kilo of soy would be equivalent to eating 2.5 kilos of beef. For this reason soy, in its multiplicity of options, should not be missing from your table.proteina de soya

Protein foods such as chicken, turkey, beef, pork and pork.

Meat, in its diversity of options, is what we associate as the preferred source of protein, but the reality is different. Although meat has a large supply of protein and nutrients to the body, it is“food rich in” protein, which can be of low quality Do not think that the quality of a food, in this case meat, is based primarily on the cut or whether it is fresh or not, in the case of protein value, a key element is involved: fat.

That is to say, it is possible that by eating one hundred grams of meat, of any kind, we may be consuming approximately 18 percent of protein, but at the same time, that same piece of meat is providing us with the same percentage of fat or even more, which does not benefit our health or nutritional aspiration.

Below we present the protein and fat ratio of the main types of meat and their cuts:

alimentos proteinas en carne

  • Cow meat: on average, its consumption represents 16 percent protein, compared to 20 percent fat. Even in some cuts the ratio may be 14 percent protein and 40 percent fat.
  • Veal meat: can provide your body with 20 percent protein against 10 percent fat.
  • Hamburgers: approximately 17 percent protein and 13 percent fat.
  • Pork meat: in almost all its presentations, the percentage of protein is practically doubled by the percentage of fat, with bacon or bacon being worthy of special mention, as they provide 3 percent protein and 85 percent fat, or pork rinds, 20 percent protein versus 60 percent fat.
  • Chicken: with skin the proportion can be 10 percent protein, in contrast to 28 percent fat, skinless can be 23 percent protein and 2 percent fat. In the case of the breast and thigh, both provide 20 percent protein and between 2.5 and 3.5 percent fat.
  • Turkey: skinless turkey provides an average of 20 percent protein, which in contrast to fat can be between 1 and 4 percent.
  • Lamb: depending on the cut, the proportion can be between 18/10, 16/28 and 13/40, being the highest percentage for fat.

We can take appropriate steps to purchase meats and have your input as a protein food is of higher quality, let’s choose meats that have a deep red color, with no visible fat samples, such as veins and whiteheads. In the case of chicken and turkey, always eat without skin.


Seafood is a good source of protein and also helps our body with a number of additional important nutrients such as phosphorus. It is a special protein food because on average it provides between 22 and 30 percent protein per 100 grams.

proteinas de pescado

Dairy products.

In this group we include milk and cheese. Milk provides 35 percent protein per 100ml, however, its fat content is also high, as is the case with yellow cheese, which provides a high percentage of protein, but also fat. For this reason, the consumption of skim milk and low-fat pasteurized cheeses is recommended.proteinas de lacteos

Nuts and dried fruit.

Peanuts, almonds and dried beans, which provide 20 to 26 percent protein, are protein foods ideal, because the fat they provide can be positive for the body, as long as their consumption is not abused.frutos secos proteinas

Cereals, legumes and vegetables.

Lentils, chickpeas, peas provide an average of 22 percent protein per 100 grams. Green leafy vegetables contribute approximately 7 to 11 percent, giving the body a high quality protein.

verduras proteicas

The egg.

Provides 11 percent protein, is considered one of the most important proteins in the world protein foods important because as a complement to other foods, it is of great help in supplying the body with the necessary daily quota of protein.proteina de huevo

Other advantages of proteins for the body.

We all want to have firm muscles, and collagen is the substance that keeps muscles, bones and cartilage healthy. The proteins of the protein foods are the ones that nourish and compose our body’s collagen. So that the passage of time does not pass through our face and other areas, we consume good quality protein.

Proteins are the ones that transport oxygen to our muscles. If we are under an intense physical training regime, it is important to eat protein foods, because they will help in the muscular development of our body and provide the necessary strength to continue training.

For many, the protein diet is related to an important monetary investment, many people think that if you do not have an economic solvency is very difficult to make a diet where they reign as a protein foodsthis isn’t quite real. While it is true that protein is, in some cases, one of the most expensive foods, the different protein options we have are also true, which can provide us with quality protein at a lower cost.

Foods such as cereals and their link to foods with moderate protein load can potentiate the nutrients of the latter, and more effectively carry the proteins that our muscles need. It is important to point out that in the case of making a hyperprotein dietthe union of the protein foods with cereals, vegetables and fruits can be done in more advanced stages.

Let’s take our body to health; knowing the importance of proteins for our organs and systems will give us the necessary impulse to bring to our plate the protein foods that will positively affect our health, and we will reach the ideal state of connection between our body, our mind and our soul in a healthy way.

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